Myia.Events release 20200106

What is new

Event administrators – you can invite other people to any event in the web administration. This way you can split work (preparation of initial screen – Welcome page, content of the message board, audience questions, etc.) without sharing passwords to the same account. See documentation for more details:

Organizations – for organizers that use Myia regularly and have a team of people who collaborate on event preparation, we create Organizations. Members of the organizations share access to all Myia events. See documentation for details:

What has been changed

User profiles – attendee profile definition and profile of the organizer has been merged to the same page for better clarity.

GDPR and event activation – the process of event activation and filling necessary GDPR related information has been simplified.

Audience Q&A is the is the most important part of your conference. Make it perfect.

Every event organizer knows that people attend conferences with 2 objectives in mind – learn new things and meet new people.

Audience Q&A helps fulfilling both of these objectives. Nevertheless, preparation of Q&A sessions does not receive appropriate attention from the event organizers or it is omitted from the events at all. We have a few tips on how to make it perfect.

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Ice breakers and event games with Myia

Be it a conference, company get-together, a business forum or a garden party, one of the main reasons why people attend is meeting other people, making new connections and have a great time with everyone else.

If you already use Myia to make the event more productive, simplify communication with the event attendees, handle audience questions, etc., why not taking the next step – use Myia for icebreakers and event games?

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Airbnb for Event Venues

Several years ago, I was looking for a perfect place to organize my 40th birthday party. I was looking for an unusual location where we could be both outdoor and indoor depending on the weather, that is children friendly, with good beer and food, close to the city center but rather distant form living areas if we stay till late and have a few more beers than usual.

It was a difficult task. Online search resulted in a list of boring hotels that did not meet a single criteria I was looking for.  So, I had to resume to the old-style word-of-mouth search. Finally, I’ve found an ideal place, and it was rather surprising – a rugby field!

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DOTS 2017

DOTS 2017 was a major conference organized by the Czech branch of Microsoft on March 28, 2017 in Forum Karlin, Prague, Czech Republic. The conference featured several prominent speakers, including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and futurist Gerd Leonhard, and cutting edge technologies like HoloLens, face recognition and IoT.  The conference attendees were mainly top business executives and decision makers.

Microsoft selected Myia as the official conference app for DOTS 2017.

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What is Myia.Events

Myia.Events is an extension module for Myia, a mobile app that connects people who are on the same place. Myia.Events is for event organizers who are looking for an easy way how to provide attendees with a mobile event app.

If you organize an event, you typically want to be sure that all attendees have the latest info about program changes, that they can reach someone of your team if they need something, they make valuable connections. You want to know if they have found the speakers interesting and if they like the venue. Myia.Events helps you in all of these. And much more.

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