What is Myia.Events

Myia.Events is an extension module for Myia, a mobile app that connects people who are on the same place. Myia.Events is for event organizers who are looking for an easy way how to provide attendees with a mobile event app.

If you organize an event, you typically want to be sure that all attendees have the latest info about program changes, that they can reach someone of your team if they need something, they make valuable connections. You want to know if they have found the speakers interesting and if they like the venue. Myia.Events helps you in all of these. And much more.

It consists of two main parts:

  1. Mobile app available for Anddroid, iOS and Windows phones – this is for the event attendees,
  2. Web app running in any modern web browser – this is for the event organizers.

Mobile App

Event attendees install the mobile app on their smartphones and connect to the event. They can connect in two possible ways, depending on the configuration of the event:

  1. Scan a QR code with the app
  2. Connect the smartphone to the event Wi-Fi

When connected, the attendees can see 4 sections:

Welcome page – it show any content configured by the event organizer, for example  event program, logos of sponsors, floor plan, etc.

Message wall – it is a continuous stream of content from the organizer or even from other attendees (subject to event settings). The stream contains text messages, photos, polls, ratings,  questions to the speaker, etc. The attendees can add likes and comments to the messages.

List of attendees – this is a searchable list of all attendees who connected their smartphones to  the Myia event. It is easy to find someone and arrange a meeting.

Private messages – Myia provides chat with the other event attendees.  Myia allows the attendees to contact each other even if they haven’t exchanged any contacts before.

Web App

The web app is for the event organizers. They create and configure the events here, prepare content posted on the message wall and control the content displayed in the mobile app.

Here are a few of the main functions provided by the web application:

Create the welcome page – there is a set of graphical templates that the organizer can use. It is also possible to create a new design with a simple editor.

Prepare content and post messages on the wall – the organizer can prepare information messages, polls and ratings in advance and easily send it to the message wall at the right time.

Display content on a screen – the web application provides a specialized view of the message wall designed for a projection screen. It is possible to select a particular message, question or poll to be displayed or to show live top of the stream of the message wall.

Setup how attendees connect to the event – the organizer can choose if the attendees will use a QR code or Wi-FI connection to access the event.

Configure how the attendees interact with each other – there are many settings that allow the organizer to fine tune if the attendees may post on the message wall new messages, comment existing messages, create own polls, what information they have to share to introduce themselves, etc.

Free for Small Events

Myia is free for small events with up to 10 connected attendees. This feature also allows anyone to play with Myia, try all functions and configuration features and test everything absolutely risk free. If you like what you have, you can simply update number of attendees and, voila, you have an event app!

Start by making account in Myia.Events and check more about Myia.Event at https://myia.events