Ice breakers and event games with Myia

Be it a conference, company get-together, a business forum or a garden party, one of the main reasons why people attend is meeting other people, making new connections and have a great time with everyone else.

If you already use Myia to make the event more productive, simplify communication with the event attendees, handle audience questions, etc., why not taking the next step – use Myia for icebreakers and event games?

If think about an icebreaker or a game for your event, always start with putting together answers for the following questions:

  • What is the “ice” you want to break? It can be age difference, it can be different cultural background, different level in corporate hierarchy, different social status, etc.
  • Do the attendees know each other? They might know each other if this is a company meeting, there may be several groups who know each other, there might be mostly newcomers, etc.
  • What is your goal? Do you want to support networking? Do you want to ease collaboration among the attendees during the event? Do you want to make the event less formal? Do you want to entertain the attendees?

Answering these questions helps you select the right activity, that serves your goal and that will fit your event.

Here are a few tips on activities what you can do with Myia.

Find another person

Target group: people who do not know each other

Goals: support networking, crate more personal links among attendees.

Short description:

As an event organizer use Myia to send each attendee a description of another attendee that they should find. Optionally, add a question they should ask. After they find each other, and learn answer to the question, they come together to the organizer’s booth. The organizer verifies they have found the right person. If yes, they can win a prize – a free drink, or something else.

How to do it with Myia:

  1. Extend your event registration form with a few more fields. These fields will serve as clues that you send to the attendees to find another person. It is recommended to combine some visible attributes of the person, some professional info about the person and some personal information. For example – hair color, position in the company, and birth place.
  2. Group the attendees into couples. Send each of the attendee a private message with description of the other person to find. For example: Find a person who has brown hair, who is a sales director and who was born in London. Additionally, you can add question like “What was your best holidays so far, where did you go and with whom?”
  3. Keep the list of couples that you formed so that you can verify if the right people have met.

For small groups, you can handle the game with the basic Myia.Events features. If you have a large group, we provide and extension module that

  • Allows you to upload a spreadsheet with the registered attendees and with data from the registration form
  • You can define template of the message sent to the attendees.
  • Automatically makes the couples and sends them the information about the person they should find

Two truths and a lie

Target group: People, who already know each other

Goals: Learn about the other people something unexpected, make the event less official, support informal atmosphere.

Short description:

Each player posts a poll with 3 facts about themselves. Two facts are true and one that is not true. The other players vote which fact is the false one. The winner is the player whose false fact looks true to the most people.

How to do it with Myia:

  1. Configure Myia so that anyone can post a poll message on the message board (this is default setting).
  2. Let the players post poll messages with 3 claims about themselves – 2 are correct, one is false. The goal of the player is to trick the other to believe in the false claim.
  3. The other attendees vote which of the claims is false in their opinion.
  4. At the end of the game, deactivate voting on the poll messages.
  5. Each player writes a comment to their poll message revealing which claim was false.
  6. The winner is the player whose false claim has received the lowest percentage of votes.

You do not need any additional modules to play this game with Myia.Events.

Quizzes, Brain teasers

Target group: any

Goals: make some fun, kill time while waiting, make the event less official, support informal atmosphere.

Short description:

The organizer posts a question on the message wall. The players type their answeres to the message comments. The first correct answer is the winner. Each player has only one try for each quiz. Everyone can see the answers from the other players.

How to do it:

  1. Prepare the quiz questions or brain teasers. Select such questions that are hard to google.
  2. Post the question as simple text message on the message wall. The players post their answers as comments to the questions. You should check the comments constantly and announce the winner as soon as the correct answer appears – just write a comment like anyone else.
  3. The idea is that the players are tempted to wait with their answers to see wrong answers given by the other players. However, waiting too long can mean somebody else gives the right answer in the meantime.
  4. You can also give additional clues if you see the players are far off the right answer.

You can play this game with big audience or even with audience that is not located on one place. It can be also an integral part of the program. The question can introduce the next topic or serve as a survey.


There are many more options how you can use Myia to make your event more fun for everybody. However, you must always prepare it in advance, communicate the game and its rules on place. Lead the pack – the organizer team should play as well!

If you are interested in more or if you want help with preparing your event, feel free to contact us!